Does searching for information make your work days inefficient? Would you like to gather all your fragmented data in one place, where it can be easily accessible by everyone? We will help you take control of the situation with product data management.

The terms PDM (Product data management) and PLM (Product lifecycle management) refer to a system that collects all the data related to your products and services (such as components, parts lists, and CAD drawings) safely in one place.

PIM (Product information management) means managing the product information that supports, for example, sales and marketing. It streamlines and simplifies receiving, enriching, and publishing product data and passing it on to third parties.

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Companies operating in the following industries benefit from the PDM/PLM system

Food and beverage
Education and training
High-tech electronics
Industrial manufacturing
Medical devices
Aerospace and defense
Life science
Consumer package goods

We represent Aras PLM, one of the world’s most widespread data management systems. It gathers all your product and service data with documentation and lifecycle information in one place and makes it available to the whole organization. The Aras PLM system is suitable for businesses of all sizes that design and manage products and services. The system is popular thanks to its user-friendliness: the software is fast, flexible, and easy to use. Aras offers an open architecture that is scalable to the changing needs of your organization. It is a license-free software with clear subscription pricing.

Our services cover everything from assessing your needs to building the software, integrations between different systems, transparent project management, user training, and support and maintenance services.

We will help you focus on what’s relevant and minimize the amount of work hours used on data management. At the same time, internal communication will improve, as the system will serve the whole organization equally. With the Aras PLM system, you will also be part of the Aras Community, in which users share their ideas and solutions for the system.

Titles and structures
Document management
Modifications, lifecycle and workflow
xCAD and ERP integrations
Environmental information management
Project management
Quality processes

The data from CAD modeling can often remain separate from the rest of the data structure, which makes it difficult to manage. We represent Direct PLM CAD Connector that connects your Aras PLM system with your CAD software easily and securely. Direct PLM also links your MS Office applications with you Aras PLM system. Direct PLM supports all commonly used CAD software.

Fulvisol Connector is an integration platform that connects the data structure of Aras PLM with other systems. Fulvisol Connector has been built on Aras to be understandable and easily modifiable. The integration platform enables making new integrations quickly and the platform can also act as an integration broker. For example, Fulvisol Connector has been used for SAP and Synkka integrations.

The ability to seamlessly connect applications is critical in today’s complex system environments. Aras connectors are an example of the platform’s open architecture allowing the creation of new capabilities that extend and customize technology.