Identifying business needs


Evaluation of Current Situation


Requirements for Information Management


Justification of Investment Decision

We will act as your co-drivers and help your business clear the bottlenecks and recognize the operating models that slow you down. This collaboration will give us the information to design a data management system that will help you create the architecture to significantly improve your business operations.

We have experience with the most traditional PLM / PDM solutions, extending from food industry standards to urban services management.

Identification of Business Needs:  Needs assessment helps identify the specific needs and objectives of the business. This allows customization of the system to support the company’s key processes and strategies.

Evaluation of Current Situation: The needs assessment provides an opportunity to evaluate the current state of product information management. This includes current processes, utilized systems, and identified deficiencies that can serve as a starting point for the design of a new PLM system.

Stakeholder Engagement: The needs assessment process involves engaging stakeholders, such as product development, design, production, and management. This ensures that the perspectives and needs of all parties are considered in the system design.

Compliance with Standards: The needs assessment can identify standards and requirements that the company needs to consider in its PLM system. This ensures compliance with standards and potential certification.

Definition of Customization Needs: The needs assessment helps define the need for possible system customizations or extensions to meet the company’s specific requirements as accurately as possible.

Requirements for Information Management: The needs assessment helps define what kind of information the company needs to manage and how this information should be handled in the PLM system. This includes product data, materials, design documentation, and other critical business information.

Justification of Investment Decisions: Needs assessment helps the company justify the investment in the PLM system. Clearly identified business benefits and needs assist in convincing management and supporting decision-making.


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