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Product data management

Manufacturing and creating products and services involves a huge amount of data – technical documents, 3D models, parts lists, reports, manuals, etc. All this data is often divided between different systems, which makes the information difficult to manage and utilize. Product data management (PDM and PLM) brings all the data together within one system.

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Get to know product data management and its benefits with a free preview. We will design a demo that works specifically for your company’s point of view. It will show in a concrete way what product data management is all about and what type of a system and operating models serve your organization the best.

We will act as your co-drivers and help your business clear the bottlenecks and recognize the operating models that slow you down. This collaboration will give us the information to design a data management system that will help you create the architecture to significantly improve your business operations.

We do not expect you to commit to something without testing it first. That is why we recommend a PDM/PLM prototype, a proof of concept (POC), before the actual project. It will help you familiarize yourself with the Aras PLM system risk-free and without any obligation. Practically speaking, the POC is a cloud-based Aras PLM system test environment that utilizes your company data. It allows you to test the system in practice and see the benefits of data management. As a result of the POC, you will get a detailed report of the project as a whole: the processes, features, usage needs, and requirements.

Proof of Concept (POC)
Report of the project

We will carry out your product and service data and lifecycle management projects from start to finish. After getting to know your company and how it operates, we can clearly define the best objectives. When the project is finished, you will have one system that helps take your business to a whole new level. This solution makes all the data and documents easily accessible to the whole organization and offers a new kind of transparency also to stakeholders and customers. Usually, the data management system is used for product data management, but it is also efficient in service data management.

If needed, we will integrate the product data management with your customer and enterprise resource planning systems both at the system and process level.

Our project management is open and straightforward and we aim to be agile in everything we do. We use the certified SAFe model as the basis of our practices.

Project management
Current status survey and needs assessment
Technical architecture
System development and UI design
Moving and organizing data (data migration)
System integrations
User training and materials
Introduction of new processes and practices

We will not abandon you after the system is in use. Our mission is to make sure that your whole organization is in tune with the new Aras system and that it remains reliable. We will take care of the system updates and offer support if any problems arise.

System changes
Version updates