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Centralized data management unites people, systems, and data.

Our philosophy can be summed up in three words: predict, recommend, and challenge. With the help of our wide-ranging experience, we can survey the current status of your organization and your objectives, and create the solutions that suit you the best. As a result, we will build a new architecture and more efficient operating models that help you work smarter. This gives your customers a unique customer experience that brings them back again and again.


Our work has a fundamental purpose: we help organizations find new ways to work more efficiently, with less mistakes and with a stronger sense of community. When done right, our work can save lives.

Let’s sort it out – clarity out of chaos

Imagine a typical workday in an organization offering products and services. All the related information – about materials, schematics, processes, subcontractors and retailers – is distributed among different platforms that do not communicate with each other. The different branches of the company need access to this information every day: sales, design, production and maintenance, to name a few. Of course, searching for relevant information and managing it takes a lot of time, not to mention internal conflicts that can arise when the pertinent information is hidden from others in someone’s archives. It is no laughing matter when maintenance flies to the other side of the world to fix an elevator with the wrong type of bolts – or a person allergic to nuts eats a new chocolate that does not have the proper allergen information on the package.

Information management can save lives. It may not always be quite so dramatic, but it is still critical to the existence of any company. Proper information management can help avoid ethically questionable suppliers, hasten the launch of a new product or help citizens find a clear path to first aid.

At Fulvisol, we have seen it all and our exceptionally wide-ranging experience has shaped the way we operate. It has also given perspective to our work. We are driven by customer satisfaction – and sometimes it requires stepping bravely into the unknown. The most important thing is that after the day’s work we can feel relief for having done our best in making the world just a little bit clearer.


Fulvisol is a forerunner and a problem solver, offering services that companies need to exist: we help our customers make their data valuable, verify their responsibility and focus on productive work.

We are the most in-demand employer in our field because it is safe to work within our corporate culture that appreciates courage and individuality. Our methods bring added value to the skills of our employees.



starts from looking at things from other people’s perspective. Our goal is to feel like we can genuinely help people in ways that serve them best, be they our colleagues or customers.


creates trust – and trust is the first requirement for everything else. Openness is the goal of what we do, so it is no coincidence that it is also the foundation of our organizational culture.


takes courage. We encourage each other to be honest even about complicated issues, as it is the only way to understand and learn.

Work with us

We are constantly looking for new experts to strengthen our team. Joy, diligence, and the desire to create better work life are more important to us than your background. Take a look at our vacancies and apply to an open position – if you don’t find anything suitable for yourself, you can still send us an open application.