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Product data management brings business growth

Tamturbo is a company that manufactures industrial turbo compressors. As their business went through a transitional phase, they needed solutions to improve their production.

The benefits of Aras PLM

Aras PLM is a system that revolutionizes company structures and practices by centralizing all product data in one place. It also brings a new kind of transparency to operating models, as the whole organization uses uniform processes. For both parties, it was important to test working together in advance, because the long process would bring great changes. The proof-of-concept helped figure out the system and test personal chemistry to see that working together would go smoothly.

“Fulvisol has offered us an honest partnership built on open communication, dedication, and a solution-oriented approach. Never once have we felt left alone when dealing with any issues. Instead of giving a single solution to a specific problem, Fulvisol has the ability to see the whole and also think outside the box when offering solutions”, says Tamturbo PLM Solution Owner Ollipekka Jaatinen about their work with Fulvisol.

Straightforward and fluent

In the end, the implementation of the system happened quickly and at exactly the right moment:

“We started using the new system at just the right moment, as we started to scale up our production and shorten the times required by the order and supply chain. This has greatly benefited our business. At the same time, work has become easier and more practical, because now all the data is easily accessible by everyone and there is no need to dig it up manually. Our work is uniform and the gaps between different lines of work have disappeared”.

Keywords: Solidworks, Solidworks integration, Item and BOM management, Document management, Change management

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